Empower TradEX

Empower TradEX is embarked to bring e-commerce at its pinnacle and transform the way INDIA does business. We innovate to provide a cut edge platform to the digital world. An online platform where a manufacturer, a retailer, a wholesaler, a Service provider be it a Corporate/Firm/Individual, or an end chain consumer, can connect with each other to trade or exchange goods or services among themselves.

Empower TradEX strives to facilitate its members with the most trusted & independent network, with the most dedicated team of professionals and technicians at their service 24x7 to ensure 100% satisfied trading member.


As a Marketer

Empower TradEX actively promotes a member's goods or services to a captive market formed by the network of other member's businesses.

As a Broker

Empower TradEX actively seeks trading opportunities for all its members by sourcing goods or services which members require, internationally.

As a Record-Keeper

Empower TradEX functions like a computerized bank clearing house, providing monthly statements of member's trading activities.

As a Consultant

Empower TradEX provides its members with the knowledge, procedures, tools and contacts necessary to conduct successful trading within the TradEX Network.